May 18 , 2023

The lid of disposable paper cup may seem like a simple and insignificant piece of material, but it serves a very important purpose. Not only does it help keep your beverage from spilling, but it can also determine how well your drink stays at the desired temperature.


Snap-On Lid-This is the most commonly used lid for paper cups. It snaps onto the rim of the cup and provides a tight seal to prevent spills and leaks. They are perfect for hot and cold beverages and are often used in coffee shops and fast food restaurants.


Straw Slot Lid-As the name suggests,this lid features a small opening where a straw can be inserted to drink from the cup without having to open the lid,which help prevent spill .The straw slot lid is ideal for cold drinks.


Plug Lid-A plug lid with a small opening allows the user to drink their beverage without needing to take off the lid entirely. This feature is useful for drinks that are too hot to drink straight away, allowing the user to sip their beverage gradually. It is good option for hot coffee .A lot of styles lid plug can be available in the market ,the user can choose what you like .


Sipper Lid-A sipper lid has a small opening that can be opened or closed by the user, allowing them to control the flow of the liquid. This type of lid is often used for drinks like hot coffee ,smoothies or milkshakes, where you want a controlled pace for the beverage to escape the cup.


ドーム蓋 - ドーム蓋は、ホイップクリームやその他のトッピングを入れた冷たい飲み物に人気の選択肢です。高さのあるドーム型なので、蓋からこぼれる危険がなく、トッピングを置くための十分なスペースが確保されています。